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It has been an incredible 20 years in the software industry.  A development methodology, called Agile, was often exploited as a way of skipping the critical work of strategy and planning. 

Agile was a major step forward as a development methodology but wasn’t intended to answer whether the product should be built at all, or the right target market and value proposition, this is the business science that should feed into the computer science and has always been the job of product management.

It’s likely that hundreds of millions have been lost by software companies of all sizes building products to find customers never wanted them, for reasons which were foreseeable!

Tangible helps avoid this situation by enabling clients to evaluate, validate, optimise and evolve the commercial potential of their ideas first, because ultimately, that is all that will matter. 

We can provide coaching, mentoring or ad-hoc consulting as well as structured projects to take your idea through out straight forward Tangible framework that identifies and helps answer the crucial questions at every stage of the product life cycle, from the plan, to build, launch, and sell, including effectively scaling a successful business.

Whether you’re looking to understand the commercial viability of your idea, ensure you can realise the full potential or to gain investment, we’re a team of proven leaders and can help with a transparent service model. You will have a number of options to support you’re venture such as banks, universities and accelerators that require you to give away equity, we provide a proven service that enables you to retain all of the return on investment.

We ensure the often ambiguous work of strategy and business planning is accessible to every venture at every stage and have worked with ventures from seed through to 26bn turnover organisations, with the following key differences to the other options you may have:

  • Technology Industry Specialists – we focus entirely on technology-based ventures as we have over 80 years combined experience of commercial success in the industry.

  • Proven leaders – we’re not just consultants, we continue to run our own technology-based businesses and products using the approaches we consult upon.

  • Proven methods – we have honed our methods over many years, we have a structured framework ready to apply to your idea, from the potential of the concept, through to a robust strategy, evidence-driven business case, detailed business plan, and effective execution.

  • Flexible & On-demand – from the framework approach, to becoming an on-going additional resource in your business or an-hoc 1-hour session, we can help and work around your schedule.

  • Transparent service (not looking to take equity) – we provide a proven service, we won’t ask for any equity in your business.  We can help you find investment but our aim is to help you identify and fulfil the potential of your business. 

Whether you’re an individual with an idea, specifically looking to scale up your product/business, an existing product manager or leader looking for support, or completely new to product management, we can help with a portfolio of solutions from a scheduled business plan course to email support, the Tangible framework, or a 1:1 discussion, meeting or workshop whenever you need the support. 

Meet The Team

Kat Hounsell

Marketing Consultant

With 15 years of experience with tech-led businesses Kat is a customer-focused marketing leader specialising in defining and delivering upon marketing plans, providing highly relevant content and comprehensive multi-channel strategy.  Kat now helps Tangible clients through action orientated workshops, growth-driven audits, and focused, effective marketing recommendations and delivery.

Kat Hounsell

Simon Wardle

Senior Business & Finance Consultant

Specialising in strategy, leadership, and exceptional management approaches Simon has proven to skilfully identify opportunity and grow revenue and margins whilst helping clients to build high-performing teams. He has led businesses within private equity, venture capital and corporates in Europe and East Asia, transforming organisations in the Software, Telecoms and IT sectors. He now works with Tangible clients on strategy, finance, operations, business development, and profitable growth.

Simon Wardle

Hamzah Hafesji

Product Management & Pricing Consultant

Hamzah is an award-winning product leader with significant experience developing and executing product strategy across multiple markets and products. He has secured substantial product investments, introduced new products to market, implemented pricing strategies, co-ordinated complex product portfolios and implemented best practice to Product Management teams across multiple organisations. He has an aptitude and passion for developing clear visions, strategies and roadmaps which reduce risk, accelerate innovation, and deliver equity value.

Hamzah Hafesji

David Abbott

Founder & Lead Consultant

David is CEO for multiple businesses and has led strategy, product management and operations within technology companies ranging from £1m to 9bn in annual turnover. His track record spans many industries and products where he and his teams consistently achieved commercial success over the last 20 years. He has also provided consultancy and training to companies ranging from start-ups and scale-ups to global $20bn+ t/o organisations.

David Abbott

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